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Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

Wireless LANs are typically deployed as an extension of an existing wired network as shown below. iTechPro expects to see more companies using wireless as the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets and laptops using Wi-Fi surpass the stationary desktop as the primary methods of connecting to the network. Clearly, a secure and fast wireless network will be an important part of any modern network infrastructure.

Since every company's needs are unique regarding how many people require wireless connectivity and at what level of security, and because we can't even briefly describe all that needs to be considered when implementing a WLAN on this page... we recommend that you call us! iTechPro will work with you to understand your needs and will assist you in determining which combination of wireless technologies will fit your situation and your current network infrastructure. We want to help make your company more efficient, productive and profitable through appropriately applied technologies like wireless LANs.