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 Business IT Consulting Services

System Administration

iTechPro provides clients with expert and responsive system administration.  We will support and maintain servers, workstations, and network infrastructure such as routers, switches and ISP equipment. We will also support and configure software that enables and protects the network environment such as server operating systems, email server software, antivirus/antispyware software, backup software, firewalls, etc.

Typical System Administration Tasks:

Manage Windows Servers, Exchange Server, Small Business Server, etc.

Configure security groups and resource permissions

Manage client machines and reconfigure as needed

Configure new resources (new workstations, tablets, printers, etc.)

Ensure network resources and shared printer availability

Configure or reconfigure routers, switches and other network infrastructure components.

Monitor antivirus/antispyware software and make configuration adjustments as needed

Monitor antispam software and make configuration adjustments as needed

Monitor backup software and make configuration adjustments as needed
Monitor hardware and software firewalls and make configuration adjustments as needed
Perform software upgrades and updates as needed. For example: Windows, Office, Adobe products, Java, antivirus software, antispyware software, backup software, antispam software, web browser software, etc.
General server maintenance

Monitor Disk Space

Monitor CPU Usage

Monitor Memory Usage

Monitor Event Logs

Help Desk activities (Diagnose and resolve hardware and Microsoft software issues for end users)

Work with ISPís and other third party service providers to ensure maximum uptime for all connections such as Internet access, web site, FTP and mail services, remote access, etc.


Provided remote support & administration as needed.