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Mobile & Remote Computing

There's no question that today's workforce is on the go and iTechPro can create systems that allow your mobile workers to be as productive outside the office as they are when in the office.

Mobile Devices
Today's mobile workforce is using a wide range of devices - from desktops at home to laptops to tablets and mobile phones. And all these devices use different software and have different ways of getting online.  But the one thing they have in common - they all need to connect to the corporate network and be able to access email and files securely and reliably.

Remote Control
If your workers have a permanent workstation at the office, then remote control of that workstation may be a good option for mobile workers.  Most mobile devices can run software that allow the mobile worker to control their office computer as if they were sitting in front of it.  Thus access to everything (email, files, applications) they normally have access to while in the office is also available while outside the office.  This method requires only the remote control software be installed on the mobile device and thus there is very little set up of the mobile device as compared to the VPN method discussed below.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Networking does not allow for control of another computer.  Instead the VPN is a connection that is established from the mobile device to the corporate network that allows the mobile device access to data stored on the network server at the office.  This data can then be used by the mobile device just as a computer in the office uses the same data. This method requires that all the same software installed on the office computer also be installed on the mobile device since the mobile device will need to use that software to access the data through the VPN.

Cloud Computing

iTechPro has an entire section dedicated to cloud computing - Learn More...