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SMB IT Support Services

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 Software Support Services
 Hardware Support Services
 Security Patch Management
 Smartphone/Tablet Support
 Data Bakup/Transfer
 Hardware & Software Sales
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 SMB IT Support Services

Software Support Services
  Operating System Installation, Re-Installation and Upgrades
  Application Installation and Upgrades
  Software Configuration
  Software Troubleshooting
  Virus and Spyware Remediation
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Hardware Support Services
  Part Provisioning and Repairs
  Peripheral device installation and configuration (Printers, Scanners, All-in-One devices, etc.)
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Security Patch Management Services
Almost every month Microsoft patches numerous vulnerabilities in Windows and Office, Adobe releases new versions of Flash, Acrobat and Reader, Oracle releases a new version of JAVA and Apple has new versions of iTunes, QuickTime and Safari.  Why does this matter?  Because those who wish to attack your computer and network will do so through security vulnerabilities in all of these software titles.  So, leaving them unpatched or continuing to use the old version is asking for trouble. Big trouble. In addition to Microsoft updates, iTechPro tracks and updates over 100 common third party Windows apps to ensure the maximum security of your systems.  More about Security Patch Management...

Smartphone & Tablet Support Services
  Email Configuration
  App install and configuration
  Security configuration
  Data Sync configuration
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Data Backup / Transfer Services
iTechPro will backup data to a compatible device (CD, DVD, NAS, Hard Drive, another PC, etc.) and/or move that data from one computer to another. Usability of the data is dependent on the operating system and software installed on the destination computer and thus may not be accessible on the new computer. iTechPro does not move programs such as Microsoft Word - only the data created by Word - i.e. the Word documents are moved.
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Hardware & Software Sales
More about Hardware & Software Sales...

Remote Support Services
iTechPro can remotely control your computer over the internet so that we don't even have to come to your location! More about Remote Support Services...

Support Delivery Options
iTechPro has several methods through which we provide support services.
More about Support Delivery Options...