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Data Protection

On-Site Backup
The importance of a high quality, automated backup system cannot be overstated.  All hardware fails at some point.  The real question is how quickly can you recover?  Often the key to that question is how good is your backup system?  iTechPro deploys automated image based backup systems that enable restoration of one file or the entire server to different, bare-metal hardware.  These images can also be converted to fully functional virtual machines that can be deployed quickly while the server is fixed or new hardware is acquired.

Off-Site Backup
Having your data in more than one location is always a good idea because sometimes unfortunate events beyond our control do happen. Fire, flood, hurricanes and tornados can wipe out everything, including your backups, at your business location. While there is much to consider in any Disaster Recovery Strategy, one key component involves moving backups made on-site to other off-site locations or uploading them to cloud storage services for safe keeping.  iTechPro can assist to establish a Disaster Recovery Strategy that has the goal of restoring the ability to do business as quickly as possible.

Viruses and Spyware
In a business environment where many computers are used, it pays to have centrally managed antivirus and antispyware software. This software is installed on the server and allows monitoring, alerting, updating and scanning of every computer on the network from the administration console installed on the server. This saves a huge amount of time and ensures that no machine is overlooked thereby creating a weak point in your corporate network.  In addition, if you have a mail server in house, most viruses can be removed from email at the mail server and before they make it to each individual inbox. This removes from the end user the responsibility to make good decisions about opening or not opening questionable incoming mail.

Data Security
Personal Storage Devices (Flash Drives, External Hard Drives), Email, Cloud Storage Services, Remote Access,
Social Networking Services, Mobile Phones, iPods, iPads and other tablets, and many other devices are all avenues for potential virus transmittal or data theft.  iTechPro can provide ways to control and limit the use of personal use software, personal email accounts, web browsing and personal storage devices that pose security risks.

Password Policy
iTechPro can assist to establish company policy regarding strong passwords and then implement policy enforcement via software configuration.