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Maintenance & Non-Maintenance Tasks Defined

Maintenance: Computers will be worked on in order of importance starting with the servers and then the workstations in the order designated by the client. Maintenance tasks will be done in the following order as time allows:

  • Service Packs for Windows, Windows Critical Updates, Windows Important Updates, Exchange Updates

  • Apple Software Updates for Macs

  • Microsoft Office service packs and updates

  • Service Packs and Updates for application software. iTechPro tracks and updates over 100 common third party Windows apps including:  Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Acrobat, FireFox, Apple software (Safari, iTunes, QuickTime), Google Chrome, Skype. 

  • Check functionality of existing antivirus and antispyware security software, existing software
    firewalls and existing backup systems.

  • Delete unneeded temporary files to free up disk space and improve performance

  • Check Event Log for issues that may need to be addressed

  • Version upgrades of software such as productivity software, threat protection software, backup software, accounting software (QuickBooks), etc.

Non-Maintenance: Typical non-maintenance tasks might include:

  • Diagnose and resolve internet, network, server or computer software or hardware malfunctions

  • Set up of new computers and reassigning roles of existing computers

  • New software or hardware installation (printers, scanners, etc.)

  • Virus removal or operating system repair

  • Data transfers, setup or resolution of issues with backup systems

  • Tech support or configuration adjustments on desktops, laptops and servers or related software

  • Tech support or configuration adjustments on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows
    and Blackberry phones, etc.

  • Tech support of configuration adjustments on tablet devices

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