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 Cloud Services

DNS Services

Best-in-Class Web Security
Malware and botnet protection from multiple sources to ensure optimal coverage.
Phishing protection sourced from Phishtank, the world's largest phishing database.
Unique DNS lock-down allows control over all outbound DNS query resolution. Prevents botnets from
    contacting their command and control. Prevents data from being sent to malicious domain. Since DNS is used
    by almost all malware and legitimate software, locking it down is an essential part of any comprehensive
    security program.

Comprehensive Web Content Filtering
5 preset filter configurations including whitelist-only mode that blocks everything but whitelisted domains
50+ filter categories
Proxy and anonymizer blocking to prevent browsers from hiding their destinations
Block page bypass to enable authenticated individuals and groups to visit sites that are blocked for others
Whitelisting (up to 500 domains that are explicitly allowed)
Blacklisting (up to 500 domains that are explicitly blocked)
Fully customizable block page
Block page redirect allows you to serve your own block page directly

Global Cloud Service
Data centers located strategically around the planet to ensure the fastest service wherever you are
Standard support by email during business hours
Premium 24x7 phone support available
SLAs available
World Class Features
RFC-compliant DNS service
Anycasting service ensures that you are always served by our closest data center
SmartCache™ means that when a website's authoritative DNS fails, the service can continue to serve DNS
    requests for it.
Geo-tagging directs you to the closest server for the website you are visiting
Typo-correction automatically fixes commonly mistyped website names when browsing

Web-Based Reporting and Administration
Monitor and manage from anywhere there is Internet access
Administer networks from /32 up to /16
Detailed reports and statistics
Emailed reports
Minimum of 2 year data retention
Web-based dashboard
Delegate administrative privileges by network
Audit log tracks all account activity
Large customers can have multiple organizations within their account to facilitate administration
Managed Service Providers have access to a separate application for administering their customers and  
    managing billing