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 Cloud Services

Cloud Stored Data Backup

Having your data in more than one location is always a good idea because sometimes unfortunate events beyond our control do happen. Fire, flood, hurricanes and tornados can wipe out everything, including the backups at your business location. While there is much to consider in any Disaster Recovery Strategy, one key component involves moving backups made on-site to other off-site locations or uploading them to cloud storage services for safe keeping.  iTechPro can assist to establish a Disaster Recovery Strategy that has the goal of restoring the ability to do business as quickly as possible.

iTechPro partners with industry leading cloud storage providers to give our clients best-in-class services at a reasonable price. 

Advanced Cloud Sync Backup Service
This service is designed to facilitate the backup of selected files and folders on workstations and make those files easily accessible across multiple platforms and devices and, when needed, to multiple people.

  • Automated Cloud Backup - PC & Mac compatible

  • Remote File Access using a web browser

  • Sync Files across multiple computers

  • File Version Control and Recovery

  • File and Folder Sharing with optional password protection and/or application of permissions

  • Mobile apps for access from iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile

  • Encrypted File Transfer and Encrypted File Storage

Rapid Recovery Service - Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
Our Rapid Recovery Service is designed to facilitate the backup of virtual machine images of servers and workstations. These virtual machine images not only contain all data on each machine, but are actually an exact copy of EVERYTHING on the machine.  These virtual machines are created specifically to run in a virtual environment, and in this case, that virtual environment is in the cloud. By replicating the entire production environment to the cloud, we provide our clients with superior functionality that includes disaster recovery, disaster prevention and business continuity for physical and virtual servers and workstations.

Now that's Rapid Recovery!